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  1. Tech Talk: Why High End Shoes Matter

    “Why should a rider who already owns cycling shoes purchase better ones?”
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    How to find the perfect cycling bike shorts or bib
  3. Urban Cycling Clothing: Discover the Cityzen Collection

    For many of us, our days are blurred. We transition from the office to the market to social outings in a tick-tock-accelerated fashion. 
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    When it comes to cycling comfort, there are a few key touchpoints across the rider-equipment-bike system that really make the difference.
  5. Why you need to use clipless pedals

    The advantages of clipless pedals shouldn't be underestimated. Once you make the move, you won't want to go back!
  6. Why Do You Need a Padded Bike Short? Because Pads Are Rad!

    Flick on the TV coverage of your favourite pro-cycling race and you’ll see that every single rider in the peloton is wearing the same thing.