by Katerina Nash

A five-time Olympian, Katerina has proven to be among the world’s most versatile and enduring athletes, showing the world that women can remain competitive at the highest levels well into their thirties.

Above my hometown, there is a peak called Libin. On a perfectly clear day, you can to see the Alps. I spent my childhood hiking, running, and skiing up to the peak, looking for that perfect clear sky and view. 

I grew up in a small town in the southwest corner of Czechoslovakia called Prachatice. At the time I was born, the country was ruled by a communist regime and would be for another 12 years, limiting the freedom to live life to its fullest. As a child growing up in Eastern Europe, I didn’t know much about what was beyond the borders and why we couldn’t go there. We accepted what was going on and went on with our lives. As kids we had it pretty good. Most parents worked for the government and had a pretty set schedule; this allowed them time to hang out with their kids or volunteer at local clubs. I was part of many athletic clubs. We had skis, bikes, hills, adventure-minded coaches, and time to play after school and all summer long. I spent my early years exploring the outdoors with some great people while learning to appreciate everything about it.


I spent my early years exploring the outdoors with some great people while learning to appreciate everything about it.

One day, the visibility was perfect and I finally got to see the Alps. I knew I had to go. I had to go see those snowy peaks. Luckily for me, my country’s political situation had changed; the borders had opened up and I was suddenly free to explore the world. I’ve never looked back. I spent the next few years traveling and ski racing all over Europe.

I eventually accepted a skiing scholarship at University of Nevada, Reno, and moved to Tahoe. I feel so lucky to have discovered Truckee and the Lake Tahoe area. I’ve spent most of my adult life there and I couldn’t count the miles I spent on a bike, skis, or on foot while enjoying every bit of this beautiful area. Training at this high elevation has made me a better endurance racer and I never get tired of the view when skiing or riding high above Lake Tahoe. In recent years, I moved to another location – I temporarily traded the mountains for a city. I really wanted to see what city life would be all about. I’ve spent the last four years living in Emeryville on and off. This town is so small that I can walk my dogs across it in just a few minutes. It is, however, nestled between Berkeley and Oakland, and on sunny days, I get to see the iconic Bay Bridge peeking through the San Francisco fog or stretching across the water.

Those three geographical locations had to be part of this jersey. My hometown with Libin will always be the place where my outdoor spirit was born. I try to hike or ride to the peak every time I visit my parents. On the peak of Libin is a tower with six windows which is represented on the left side panel of my jersey. Tahoe is where my community is and where my dogs run free. The wave across the jersey represents the gorgeous mountain lake sitting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With its amazing hills and park, the East Bay doesn’t really feel like the city and I have been happily sticking to a similar lifestyle as I had in the mountains. The Bay Bridge, however, takes me to a new and exciting world of museums, restaurants, amazing architecture, wine bars, and all those things that will get lot more attention when I’m no longer a pro racer. When I drive across the bridge, I enjoy going under the iconic pillars. I put one of them on the right side of the jersey. I feel lucky to have had a chance to live in all these cool places and have family or friends in all of them.

The final part of the design is a glass of wine. I don’t hide my affection for wine. I have traveled the world and sampled a lot of wine. I really enjoy the local California-grown wine. My perfect day ends with an evening walk with the dogs and glass of wine while enjoying good company. “Cheers” in Czech language is “na zdravi”, and since one of my teammates is quite good at Czech, when not drinking, she helped me design this final piece of my Garneau custom jersey. Thanks, Maghalie! I’ll continue to do the drinking part for both of us.

The Katerina Nash Jersey

This jersey’s design sums me up pretty well and I’ll be happy to ride in it. Life is about the little things, like having a cute outfit to make me get out and ride. An outfit that will make me think of my dogs when they aren’t with me and the places I lived in and sometimes miss. This jersey is all about having a well-balanced life with some riding, some drinking, some dog walking, and lots of appreciation for the places I’ve visited and the experiences I’ve lived thanks to cycling.