Fat Bike

Outdoors. Snow. Paths.
Explore Winter.

Our favorite thing about winter is there are no limits to Fat Bike trails. That ability to get off trail and explore the woods, follow the paths and reach unseen landscapes is what keeps us coming back year after year. Our desire to get out and explore is what sets us in motion to design outstanding winter gear every season. Explore with us. Explore by yourself. Explore with friends. Either way, just get out there and make it happen.

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Enjoy winter with oversized tires

The Garneau line of Fat Bikes brings the best features of modern cycling to the big tire market. All our Fat Bikes are designed and tested in Quebec City, where winters can get long and cold. But winter has never stopped us before, and with our full line of Fat Bikes, we’re able to ride year round, no matter the conditions.

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Dress perfectly for your winter ride

On your Sunday morning ride or for the periodical training, you need the best gear to explore winter. At Garneau we create and test gear in real winter situations. We know what’s best for any cold outing. We’ve created jackets, tights and gloves to make sure you stay warm all along your rides.

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Fat Bike and Winter Gear

Depending on your geographical location, fat biking can be something of a necessity, an optional activity, or a great mystery! One thing is for certain though: since its inception many years ago fat bike riding has proven to be a style of riding that’s going to stick around! Want to learn more about Fat Bike ? We can point you out to what is a fat bike, why fat tires on bikes, which fatbike to choose and what to wear in fat biking.

Keep your feet warm with the Klondike shoes

Our Klondike shoes protect you from the elements of winter and enable you to move through the muckiest and gnarliest conditions Mother Nature has in store for you. If you’re looking for a great shoe for Fat Bike riding, the Klondike will keep your feet toasty warm while providing maximum power transfer.

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