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Explore Winter.

Our favorite thing about a snow-covered forest is there are no limits to the snowshoe trails we can create. It’s what separates trail activities from snowshoeing. That ability to get off the trail and explore the woods, choose our own line, and reach unseen summits is what keeps us coming back year after year. Our desire to get out and explore is what sets us in motion to design outstanding winter gear every season. Explore with us. Explore by yourself. Explore with your friends. Either way, just get out there and make it happen.

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Explore comfortably, confidently and consistently.

From the neighborhood park to the mountain top, Garneau snowshoes tackle every type of terrain you can dream of. Up, down, sideways, slow or fast, our technologies keep you above snow in the harshest of conditions.

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How to choose your snowshoes

Are you going to hike mountains? Will you be taking the kids to play in the parc? Or are you entering the local snowshoe race? There are several types of snowshoes made for different aspects of the sport. We prepared this video to help you figure out what type of snowshoes suits you the best.

You want to know more about snowshoe size, traction and binding?

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Snowshoeing gear

To be well prepared for a snowshoe outing, make sure you have the perfect gear. Here are a few tips to select the right clothing and snowshoes for your next adventure.

  • Layer up! It is easier to remove layers than put on new ones! You should start with a light base layer and add up to a warmer jacket.
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  • Make sure to wear breathable clothing. Whether you are walking in the park or hiking a mountain, you want to avoid perspiration. With breathable layers, the moisture will get out and you’ll stay dry and warm.
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  • Choose the right snowshoes for your activity and for your size. Now that you have watched our video about how to choose your snowshoes and seen the differences between each type, make sure to read our sizing chart to select the perfect size for you.
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The Best Sellers

  1. Première Snowshoes Première Snowshoes
    Première Snowshoes
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    Appalaches II Snowshoes
  5. Chic Snowshoes
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  6. Nordik 1 Snowshoes Nordik 1 Snowshoes
    Nordik 1 Snowshoes

Versatile shoes. Warm feet.

Our Klondike shoes protect you from the elements of winter and enable you to move through the muckiest and gnarliest conditions Mother Nature has in store for you. If you’re looking for great shoes for snowshoeing, fat biking or any other winter activity, the Klondike will keep your feet toasty warm while providing maximum power transfer.

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