When technology meets performance.

Our most technologically advanced road cycling collection to date. Comfortable to train in day after day, with no compromise on performance on race days.



We use M-2 fabric to reach the highest standards in aerodynamics. This texturized fabric provides minimal air resistance, thus reducing its friction coefficient to help you save precious seconds and a fair amount of energy.

We work in collaboration with specialists in aerodynamics in order to develop products that meet the highest performance standards of the industry. To do so, we turn to innovative Track Aero System (TAS), a cutting-edge technology that allows us to analyze aerodynamic efficiency in real time.

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This fabric was developed over two years of research and development in collaboration with European textile experts. It is characterized by its three compression zones that offer different weights and textures.

The first zone, located at the lower part of the quadriceps, is the most compressive. It favors a good blood flow towards to superior part of that muscle. This zone also includes a gripper surface.

The middle part of the thigh, slightly less compressive, continues the effort initiated by the lower part while maintaining adequate support for the thigh.

The third compression zone, located near the hips, helps sustain the body for maximum comfort. In this area, the compression level is minimal compared to the other two zones. Our research has shown us that some muscle groups need little compression to favor blood flow, hence the 3 compression zones concept.

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Cooling effect

Icefil technology converts sweat into a cooling agent that reduces the feeling of heat on your skin by 3 degrees Celsius.

We also use the coldblack® (CB) finish technology. When used on dark fabrics, this technology reflects heat rays and reduces the absorption of UV rays that cause discomfort due to heat.

On light-colored fabrics, it blocks UV rays and provides a minimum UV protection of 30 UPF. This results in better comfort in sunny or hot weather.

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