Tri Course LGneer Skin
Tri Course LGneer Skin
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Tri Course LGneer Skin

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Price chart
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Designed and developed for the Kona Ironman World Championships, the Tri Course LGneer Tri Suit is the pinnacle product of our triathlon line.  Now, we offer it to you in a customizable version that’s fully equipped with our best technologies.
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Where do we even start?  The LGneer Tri Suit has so many features and benefits that ultimately stack up to bring you dramatic time savings, that it’s hard to pick a starting place.  Perhaps we’ll go from swim, to bike, to run for this one…
For the swim benefits we use proprietary hydrodynamic fabrics that keep you moving through the water at a faster and smoother pace than traditional tri suits.  The fabrics cut through the water with ease and also offer sun reflecting technologies that keep your upper body temperature cooler, thus saving energy over time.  We also use a tri specific anti-chafing stitch pattern in the seams that let your arms and legs move with ease and eliminates rubbing once it gets wet.  It works especially well in salt water conditions.
For the bike, our proprietary blend of fabrics also cuts through the air with ease.  Laser cut arm and leg bands paired with a slim, aero shaped construction reflects wind at multiple angles and saves you watts over the bike course.  The shorts provide three different zones of compression between the waist and the knees that promotes blood flow and offers performance enhancing benefits during the ride.  Our gender and tri specific chamois provides support in all the right places but is light enough to not get bogged down during the swim and not feel like a diaper during the run. 
When it comes to the run the three zones of compression in the legs continue to promote healthy blood flow, and the anti-chafing tri specific stitching pattern continues to combat rubbing and chafing.  The upper part of the suit has a full-length zipper to regulate your temperature during the run, and we’ve thrown in a few pockets to carry water or saturated sponges to keep you cool. Two pockets on the back and two internal hidden pockets let you tweak the suit to make sure it works best for you. 
It’s made in our own factory in North America and has super quick turnaround times once art is confirmed.  Begin your order today and we'll get it to you in no time!

Technical Details

  • Gender : Men
  • Fabric : CB Speed Tech, LGneer, CB* Lazer Rev, CB* M-2
  • Clothing fit : Racer (slim) Fit
  • Clothing Features :
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