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Explore Winter.

The great thing about being an outdoor enthusiast is you get to experience new things with the changing seasons. When you become a multisport athlete, there truly is no offseason, and that’s ok! Winter isn’t a time for hibernation, it’s a time to get outside. Embrace the season and have some fun while continuing to reach your goals and striving for the best. Nordic skiing requires a specific type of apparel, and that’s where we have your back. Our Perform line of gear lets you move fast and get that heart rate up, protects you from the elements and doesn’t leave you overheated and loaded with sweat. Join us on the trail, and together we can perform at our best. No limits!

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Wind, cold, rain, bring it on!

From rain to cold, from wind to snow, our Nordic ski collection was created and designed to keep you covered in any condition. Whether you are going for your Sunday morning ride or your once-in-a-lifetime competition, you want to be wearing the best possible gear. At Garneau, we are winter, we know what you need and what you want. Stay dry and warm with our Nordic ski collection.

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Light base layer. Polartec top. Jacket.

When you go play outside do you always end up freezing? Or is your jacket so warm you end up all wet? Dressing in layers will help you avoid being uncomfortable during your nordic ski outing. You should start with a light base layer and add up to a warmer jacket. It is always easier to remove layers than put on new ones!

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Nordic Ski Gear

To be well prepared for your nordic ski outing, make sure you have the perfect gear. Here are a few tips to select the right clothing and accessories for your next adventure.

  • Is there anything worse than having frozen fingers in the middle of a ride? To enjoy winter activities, make sure to have a well adapted pair of gloves or mitts to keep your hands dry and warm.
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  • Extremities are the body parts which lose the most warmth. To stay comfortable, wear a hat well adapted to the intensity of your activity.
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Find your Edge

When it's time to push your limits and hit the trail hard during your fall and winter workout, it's important to find clothes that offer protection from the harsh elements while allowing you to work up a steady heart rate without getting overheated.

The Edge collection is lightweight, semi-form fitting, extremely comfortable and packed with technical features that enable you to get out in the elements.

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