Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes
Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes
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Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes


The perfect combination of features for all-terrain riding with award-winning technology that gets to you to the top fast and lets you fly down with confidence.
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Our new line of Cobalt mountain biking shoes offers something for every style of all-terrain, downhill or trail rider of any age out there. The Cobalt Boa® is our most feature-rich offering. It comes equipped with X-Comfort Zone technology that allows the foot to swell up to 5 mm while riding and eliminates hot spots and discomfort, an L6 Boa® dial, a super grippy rubber outsole, and is SPD compatible. Its flat pedal-style outsole provides plenty of surface area to increase balance for the demands of all-mountain riding, while our T-Flex technology provides increased pedaling efficiency for the climbs. Its casual look blends into any après-style event, and its aesthetics will fit in anywhere.

Technical Details

  • Technology : X-Comfort Zone - Power Zone: Increased arch support and power transfer
  • Weight: 14.8 oz / 420g (size 42)
  • Outsole: Rubber outsole with improved grip and T-FLEX technology
  • Insole: EVA single density: Enhances comfort
  • Closure System: Boa® L6 micro-adjustment
  • Cleats: Cleats aren't included with the shoes.

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How To Install SPD Cleats

Being attached to your pedals lets you both push down and pull upwards on your pedals, making your pedal stroke smoother and much more efficient. Using the same amount of energy, you'll ride farther, faster and with more comfort than when only using a downward force to drive your bike forwards. Being able to yank upwards on the pedals is especially useful in high power situations, like when you're sprinting, or even climbing.

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