«Fat Bike»

Utilitarian? Check! More access to mixed surface terrain? Check! Extra traction control? Check! Loads of fun?? Check!! From entry level to high performance carbon race machines, our Fat Bikes check all the boxes.

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Gros Louis

Fat Bike

Fatbikes are amazingly versatile machines that offer superior traction and control in sand, snow, rocks and roots. Plus, they’re super fun!

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Winter Cycling Shoes

If you’re looking for a great shoe for snowshoeing, fatbiking or any other winter activity, the Klondike will keep your feet toasty warm while providing maximum power transfer. It comes packed with features such as the 400 g Thinsulate™ insulation that keeps your feet warm on the coldest of days, a Cordura 1680D upper that combats abrasion from rocks and our T-Flex rubber outsole for easy walking in slippery conditions.

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The Best of Fat Bike

  1. Manteau à capuchon Enertec Manteau à capuchon Enertec
    Prix normal 155,00 € Prix Spécial 143,99 €
    Manteau à capuchon Enertec
  2. Pantalon Enertec Pantalon Enertec
    Prix normal 135,00 € Prix Spécial 131,99 €
    Pantalon Enertec
  3. Manteau Mondavi Manteau Mondavi
    110,00 €
    Manteau Mondavi
  4. Manteau femme Mondavi Manteau femme Mondavi
    110,00 €
    Manteau femme Mondavi
  5. Collants course Element femme Collants course Element femme
    Prix normal 110,00 € Prix Spécial 107,99 €
    Collants course Element femme
  6. Haut de sous-vêtements col zip thermal 4000 Haut de sous-vêtements col zip thermal 4000
    30,00 €
    Haut de sous-vêtements col zip thermal 4000
  7. Tuque nordic Performance Tuque nordic Performance
    30,00 €
    Tuque nordic Performance
  8. Gants Bigwill Gants Bigwill
    70,00 €
    Gants Bigwill
  9. Gants shield+ Gants shield+
    65,00 €
    Gants shield+