From the neighborhood to the summit, Garneau snowshoes tackle every type of terrain you can dream up. Up, down, sideways, slow or fast, our technologies keep your feet under you in the harshest of conditions.

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How to choose the good snowshoes

Snowshoes make winter walking fun and give a great excuse to get outside and enjoy. As a sport and winter activity, snowshoeing is extremely accessible. Anyone who can walk can also snowshoe. Snowshoes are small, portable "decks" that strap to your feet via a pivoting binding so that you can easily walk without sinking into deep snow.

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Transition Collection

Ahhhhhh, the feeling of wearing the perfect puffy jacket. That’s what you’ll experience when you slip our Alternative Jacket over your arms, zip it up, and feel the warmth of the perfect winter jacket.

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Winter Lovers' Musts

  1. Raquettes Course BOA arc Raquettes Course BOA arc
    225,00 €
    Raquettes Course BOA arc
  2. Raquettes Victory summit Raquettes Victory summit
    215,00 €
    Raquettes Victory summit
  3. Raquettes Victory trek Raquettes Victory trek
    205,00 €
    Raquettes Victory trek
  4. Manteau Cove hybride Manteau Cove hybride
    160,00 €
    Manteau Cove hybride
  5. Manteau Course nordic Manteau Course nordic
    160,00 €
    Manteau Course nordic
  6. Pantalon Alcove hybride Pantalon Alcove hybride
    155,00 €
    Pantalon Alcove hybride
  7. Manteau à capuchon Enertec Manteau à capuchon Enertec
    155,00 €
    Manteau à capuchon Enertec
  8. Manteau LT enerblock Manteau LT enerblock
    135,00 €
    Manteau LT enerblock
  9. Pantalon Enertec Pantalon Enertec
    135,00 €
    Pantalon Enertec
  10. Raquettes Transition BOA®
    Ce produit est en rupture de stock
  11. Pantalon Torrent RTR Pantalon Torrent RTR
    115,00 €
    Pantalon Torrent RTR
  12. Collant bib Providence 2 Collant bib Providence 2
    115,00 €
    Collant bib Providence 2
  13. Pantalon variant Pantalon variant
    110,00 €
    Pantalon variant
  14. Collants course Element Collants course Element
    110,00 €
    Collants course Element
  15. Manteau Ardent Manteau Ardent
    110,00 €
    Manteau Ardent