Mis à l'épreuve par Lyne Bessette et Lionel Sanders lors du Championnat du Monde Ironman 2018 à Kona, nos vêtements Tri vous apportent le meilleur de tous les mondes pour vous garder à vélo.

Never give up

Gear like a pro

Tri Air Lite Shoes

Some would even call it space grade, and we guarantee it’ll get you from T1 to T2 cooler, faster, stronger, and way more comfortable than anything you’ve ever seen.

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Pro Carbon Triathlon Suit

Choosing your triathlon suit is an important decision. You are looking for a chamois in which you will be comfortable cycling and that will not affect your running stride. Its black fabric does not attract the heat as it is treated with our Coldblack finish to block UV rays, allowing you to focus on your triathlon.

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P-09 Cycling Helmet

The next generation of TT helmets is here. A true revolution in aerodynamic helmets, designed to be faster than the competition.

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Gennix Tr1 Elite Di2 Bike

Handles better than any other triathlon bike.

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Triathletes' Musts

  1. Haut triathlon Pro carbon comfort Haut triathlon Pro carbon comfort
    Prix normal 74,00 € Prix Spécial 41,99 €
    Haut triathlon Pro carbon comfort
  2. Combinaison triathlon Pro carbon Combinaison triathlon Pro carbon
    Prix normal 109,00 € Prix Spécial 63,99 €
    Combinaison triathlon Pro carbon
  3. Short triathlon tri Power lazer Short triathlon tri Power lazer
    85,00 €
    Short triathlon tri Power lazer
  4. Casque cyclisme P-09 Casque cyclisme P-09
    Prix normal 200,00 € Prix Spécial 159,99 €
    Casque cyclisme P-09
  5. Nouveau

    Chaussures Tri Air Lite Chaussures Tri Air Lite
    314,99 €
    Chaussures Tri Air Lite