Louis Garneau Sports is proud to present the François-Xavier Garneau House. This neoclassical house was designed by the well-known Architect Peachy and built in 1862.



Let yourself be charmed by the elegance of this Old Quebec bourgeois home of yesteryear : Victorian furnishings, a collection of rare books, gramophone music from the past, widow's walk on the rooftop...

In addition to discovering a Victorian residence in exceptional condition, admire the most beautiful antique Christmas tree in Quebec City, decorated with 19th century Christmas ornaments and a period crèche.






François-Xavier Garneau resided here during the last years of his life thus earning this beautiful house its name.

F.-X. Garneau, a poet with literary talents, was the first to write the History of Canada. He wanted, at the time, to contradict Lord Durham's report which described Lower Canada as "a people without history and without literature".




14, Saint-Flavien Street, QC G1R 4J8

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