1983.  It all began here.

garneau garage

In his parent's garage in Saint-Augustin-des-Desmaures, Quebec, Louis Garneau launched his namesake factory with one goal: to make great fitting, well-designed, top quality cycling apparel... that wouldn't break the bank for his cycling friends. In the ensuing years, Louis' innovative spirit and sense of design pushed the company through some key phases of expansion as it left the little garage and became a worldwide leader in cycling.

Born from the Olympics
Today, our company produces helmets, shoes, apparel, and bicycles, but before we became a thriving company, we were the success story of an Olympic athlete.

Garneau’s origins began in the era of wool shorts and non-technical garments. Racing in garbage bags and dishwashing gloves for rain protection were a reality for Canadian athlete Louis Garneau. The entrepreneurial Canadian National Champion not only set out to produce his own kit for the 1984 Olympic Games, he sought solutions for cyclists at large. So our story begins with Louis and his wife Monique launching their first factory in his parent’s garage.

By 1988, Louis Garneau Sports grew from two employees to 118 employees, from a garage to a 32,000 square foot building, and from local distribution to national distribution throughout Canada. 

Diversify and distribute  
Over the next ten years, Garneau became a leading brand in the cycling industry, adding helmets to its offering in 1988 and opening a distribution and manufacturing facility in the United States in 1989.  By 1991, Garneau’s distribution spanned over 20 distributors worldwide, and we were one of the top three cycling apparel manufacturers in North America.  The company was one of the first to produce helmets, shoes, and apparel in a one-stop-shop concept.  

The cycling solution
In a new century, Garneau began to both establish the brand as a pioneer in the industry as well as lead the technological progression of products. Patented technologies, including the Ergo Air® Concept, distinguished Garneau from emerging brands. The top athletes in the world were racing in Garneau products. This decade confirmed Garneau as one of the world’s top brands in cycling.

Our passion for creating cycling products that enhance the love of the ride for cyclists still survives. Garneau’s evolution continues with our commitment to take care of the rider - at all levels, with athlete-centric, innovative products regardless of one’s sporting level.