by Garneau

There are a whole lot of shorts on the market. Let us help you narrow it down.

On the Road

Our road gear is mainly designed for the time you may spend on the road, and how hard you’re riding. Our chamois (the pad inside the shorts) come in different thicknesses to provide more support during the day. Our shorts also have different levels of fabric that offer varying degrees of compression. The more compressive shorts are, the more they stimulate blood flow during your ride, so more compressive shorts tend to be better for longer rides.

Less than an hour

Road Cycling Shorts
On the Road - Less than an hour

If you’re out for less than an hour, then a good basic pad and some nice fabric is all you need. Our shorts below are great to get you moving and offer plenty of features to keep you going.

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Women's Fit Sensor 7.5 Cycling Shorts
  2. Women's Fit Sensor 5.5 Cycling Shorts
  3. Fit Sensor 2 Cycling Bib
  4. Fit Sensor 2 Cycling Shorts
  5. Women's Optimum 7 Cycling Shorts
  6. Women's Optimum Cycling Knickers
  7. Optimum Cycling Shorts
  8. Optimum Cycling Bib

To be Comfortable

If you’re starting to put those miles in and do some work, it’s time to upgrade to shorts with more padding and compression. These shorts will cover you on your endurance rides and weekend getaways with no problem!

Road Cycling Shorts
On the Road - be Comfortable

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Women's Cb Neo Power Cycling Shorts
  2. Women's Neo Power Motion 5.5 Cycling Shorts
  3. Women's Neo Power Art Motion Shorts
  4. Neo Power Art Motion Bib
    This product is out of stock
  5. Neo Power Motion Cycling Shorts
  6. Women's Neo Power Art Motion 7 Cycling Shorts
  7. Neo Power Motion Cycling Bib Shorts
  8. Women's Neo Power Motion 7 Cycling Shorts
  9. Neo Power Art Motion Cycling Shorts
  10. Women's Neo Power Motion Cycling Shorts

Going Fast! (And being comfortable)

Road Cycling Shorts
On the Road - Going Fast

If you’re going the distance and going for speed, then it would be wise to invest in a really nice pair of bottoms. At this point in your riding, bottoms become more than just shorts. At this point, they become a piece of equipment! The interface between your body and the bicycle becomes extremely important for those long hard days in the saddle. We’ve included some of the best cycling apparel technologies in the world into our cycling shorts and we guarantee they will deliver whatever needs your riding demands.

Pro tip: If you’re shopping for your first pair of padded shorts, be sure to ditch the underwear once you start riding in them. Wearing underwear on top of a pad will cause extreme chafing and lead to a pretty bad day in the saddle.

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Women's Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  2. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Bib
  3. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  4. Cb Neo Power Cycling Bib
  5. Cb Neo Power Cycling Shorts
  6. Course LGneer Race Cycling Bib
  7. Women's Cb Carbon Lazer Cycling Bib

In the Woods

Mountain biking is one of the most fun activities we think the great world of outdoor sports has to offer! There are tons of diffent types of mountain biking you can do. We’ve narrowed it down to two basic types of apparel categories that will cover just about any style of mountain biking you prefer.

More down than up

If you’re shuttling, riding a lift, or prefer your descents over climbing, the bottoms listed below are for you. These MTB shorts offer thicker fabrics in case you hit the dirt, longer inseams to interface with knee pads, and more panels to allow for greater stretch and flexibility.

Mountain Bike Cycling Shorts
In the woods - Downhill

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Dirt Cycling Shorts
  2. Dawn Cycling Shorts
  3. Leeway Cycling Short
  4. Women's Dirt Cycling Shorts
  5. Women's Dawn Cycling Shorts
  6. Women's Latitude Cycling Shorts

More up than down

Shorts Cyclistes Montagne
Dans les bois - Montée

If you’re just out to ride all day and have some fun, get in some good climbing, and fly down some flow trail, then check these shorts out. They typically have lighter weight fabrics that are more breathable, shorter inseams so you can pedal up those hills, and a slightly tapered fit. They’re also great for riding pretty much anywhere else you can imagine, so you can get more use out of them even on the days you’re off the trail.

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Women's Radius 2 Cycling Shorts
  2. Range 2 cycling shorts

I still prefer Lycra ... And don’t mind looking like a nerd

No problem! Our CB Carbon bottoms provide a great option for riding in the woods! They’re lightweight and breathable, but still hold up during the occasional snag.

Mountain Bike Cycling Shorts
In the Woods - Lycra

Pro tip: Climbing hills with knee and elbow pads on can be a real drag. If you choose to ride with them, be sure to grab a pair that are easy to get on and off so you can stow them in a pack for the climb up.

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Cb Carbon Lazer Cycling Bib
  2. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Bib
  3. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  4. Women's Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  5. Women's Cb Carbon Lazer Cycling Bib

Gravel / Cyclocross

Gravel Bike Cycling Shorts
Gravel - Groad

Headed out for some soul crushing “groad” riding? (Groad is Gravel + Road)

We’ll jump straight to the pro tip on this one: You can wear road-specific or MTB-specific apparel when riding groad! Our current road and MTB offerings will definitely cover you while you’re out there on the mixed use surfaces. That being said, groad riding is typically harder on your sit bones that traditional road riding, so be sure to get a pair of bottoms that have plenty of cushion.

In Town / Commuting

We like to think about our town and commute excursions by the time we spend on the bike, and how hard we’re riding. If you have to ride a long way and you think you’ll be sweating a lot, then we’d recommend you stick to a typical road kit

Shorts Cyclistes de Ville
En Ville - Commuting

If you’re travelling short distances or have an e-bike, you may be able to get around pretty easily with your standard clothes, but a lot of times our normal clothing can be pretty restrictive from a mobility standpoint. There’s also a pretty good chance you’re going to sweat at some point, so having functional bottoms will help you get around easier and with more freedom.

Pro tip: Always carry a packable rain jacket when cruising through town. You never know when a storm may pop up, and having it as a backup can save your day!

Here are the perfect styles for you

  1. Urban Cycling Shorts
  2. Women's Urban Knickers
  3. Women's Syracuse Cycling Knickers
  4. Women's 2002 Sport Inner Cycling Shorts
  5. Women's 2002 Cycling Undies