Unparalleled fit, support, and comfort, so you can focus on what’s coming down the line. Throw the egos away, and just ride until you’re ready to stop.

Fall in love with fall

Isn’t it great when things just work? Garneau fall apparel works hard for you during the winter to keep you warm, dry and outright comfortable so you can focus on the path ahead, leaving only the scenery to slow you down.

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Men's cycling clothing

Wear them on road. Wear them on trail. Match them, or don’t. No matter if you’re paring a specific kit together or running baggy shorts and lycra tops, we don’t care. What we do care about is quality, and that is where we have you covered.

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Shorts buyers' Guide

Wearing the wrong shorts won’t make your ride any harder, but wearing the right shorts definitely makes it easier. Buying shorts can be confusing at times, so we've thrown together a buyers guide to make it easy.

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Men's Apparel

  1. Torrent Rtr Jacket
  2. Alternative Jacket
  3. Modesto Cycling 3 Jacket
  4. Providence 2 Chamois Cycling Bib Tights
  5. Modesto Hoodie Jacket
  6. Lemmon 2 Cycling Jersey
  7. Cb Carbon Lazer Cycling Bib
  8. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Bib
  9. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  10. 2004 Longsleeves Top
  11. Cove Hybrid Jacket
  12. Enertec Hoodie Jacket
  13. Dirt Cycling Shorts
  14. Clean Imper Cycling Jacket