Fat Bike

Utilitarian? Check! More access to mixed surface terrain? Check! Extra traction control? Check! Loads of fun?? Check!! From entry level to high performance carbon race machines, our Fat Bikes check all the boxes.

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Our Fatbike

Fatbikes are amazingly versatile machines that offer superior traction and control in sand, snow, rocks and roots. Plus, they’re super fun!

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Our Mudstones shoes

When the long winter sets in it’s important to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so when it comes to gear, we have to have the best. Our mudstone shoes were made to keep us moving all winter long in the nastiest of winter conditions.

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Bikers' Musts

  1. Gel Ex Pro Cycling Gloves
  2. Cove Hybrid Jacket
  3. Lt Enerblock Jacket
  4. Alcove Hybrid Pants
    This product is out of stock
  5. Variant Pants
  6. Ghost Helmet
  7. Thermal Pro® Cycling Jersey
  8. Course Nordic Jacket
  9. Solano 2 Chamois Tights
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  10. Course Elite Cycling Bib Tights
  11. Bigwill Gloves
    This product is out of stock
  12. 4002 Zip Neck
    This product is out of stock
  13. 4002 Pants
    This product is out of stock
  14. Course Wind Pro® Ls Cycling Jersey
  15. Rafale 2 Cycling Gloves
  16. Enertec Pants
  17. Off Season Shorts
  18. 2004 Longsleeves Top
  19. 2004 Pants
  20. Proof Gloves