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  1. The Truth About High Vis Clothing

    It’s a fact, wearing hi-viz clothing, adding lights to your bike, and complementing your garments with reflective elements can save your life.
  2. Garneau Presents: Role Models

    A Cycling Inspiration Series.
  3. The Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe

    An exciting new collaboration dedicated to the pursuit of indoor cycling  fitness. 
  4. X-Comfort: The most comfortable shoes ever!

    This revolution in tri shoes was design in cooperation with the professional athlete Lionel Sanders.
  5. Tech Talk: Why High End Shoes Matter

    “Why should a rider who already owns cycling shoes purchase better ones?”
  6. Cycling Shorts and Bibs buyers' Guide

    How to find the perfect cycling bike shorts or bib
  7. Love Is Love Is Love Is Love...

    When the world thinks of 2-time Olympian, Lea Davison, it thinks strong, fierce, and unstoppable. 
  8. I've Lived (Thanks to Cycling)

    Above my hometown, there is a peak called Libin. On a perfectly clear day, you can to see the Alps. 
  9. An Artist's Work : Garneau Custom for Maghalie Rochette

    I received an email telling me I would have the opportunity to create my own custom cycling kit. How cool is that?!