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From a winter-adapted outsole to advanced insulation, every detail of the Klondike makes it the ultimate fall and winter cycling shoe.
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From a winter-adapted outsole to advanced insulation, every detail of the Klondike makes it the ultimate fall and winter cycling shoe.

  • Vibram outsole: Adapted for winter conditions
  • Boa® IP1 double rail quick attach system with micro adjustment both ways and easy release: Quick attach, distributed pressure and ultra light
  • "EEE" last specially designed for a higher volume: Perfect for wearing thicker socks in cold temperatures
  • Zip fly with velcro closure
  • Insulated 3-layer insole with felt: Blocks cold from outsole
  • Silicone elastic at the cuff: Better fit and prevents infiltrations
  • Neoprene cuff: Better fit that prevents infiltrations
  • Hook at front toe: Attaches gaiter for deep snow conditions
  • Cordura 1680D: Better durability
  • 400 g ThinsulateTM insulation: Keeps feet warm
  • Reflectors: Enhanced safety
  • Cleat position indicator compatible with SPD cleats
  • Approximate weight (size 42/1 shoe): 22 oz/626 g

  • Weather: Cold
Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

Shoes - HV Fit "EEE" last specifically designed for a higher volume, perfect for wearing thicker socks in cold temperatures.

If you are purchasing a pair of SHOES, please note that we have updated our shoe sizing over the past two seasons. To ensure that you get the correct size, please follow THIS GUIDE and actually measure your feet to get the “LG Measure” that is best suited to you.

(revised March 2016)
36 4 6 3
37 4.5 6.5 3.5
38 5 7 4
38.5 5.5 7.5 4.5
39 6 8 5
39.5 6.5 8.5 5.5
40 7 9 6
40.5 7.5 9.5 6.5
41 8 10 7
41.5 8.5 10.5 7.5
42 9 11 8
42.5 9.25 11.25 8.25
43 9.5 11.5 8.5
43.5 9.75 - 8.75
44 10 - 9
44.5 10.5 - 9.5
45 10.75 - 9.75
45.5 11 - 10
46 11.5 - 10.5
46.5 11.75 - 10.75
47 12 - 11
48 12.5 - 11.5
49 13 - 12
50 13.5 - 12.5


From a winter-adapted outsole to advanced insulation, every detail of the Klondike makes it the ultimate fall and winter cycling shoe.

7 Customer Review(s)

Good warm boot

Excellent boot I'm starting my 2nd season with them. Rode all winter last year as cold as 5dg feet stayed nice and toasty. They are also lighter than most winter boots
/ Posted on November 16, 2017

Warm, comfortable and versatile.


I tried on almost all of the winter boots available in my area before buying the Klondike. (Shimano MW7, Specialized Defrosters, North Wave Arctic Celsius, Wolvhammer, Bontrager Old Man Winters, Mavic Ksyrium Winter)

The Vibram sole is awesome for walking and has very grippy rubber for hiking through icy trails. Unlike a cycling specific shoe, which is very slippery in comparison, the Klondike’s sole has some flex which makes walking easier. The insole is very comfortable, it has kind of a gel like feeling.
Water proofing is good, on my 1 hour commute home, with deep puddles and road spray, I arrived home with fairly dry feet.
The shoes has a bit of reflective material on them which helps with visibility when it is dark outside
Getting the shoe on is a little involved, the two red loops, one on the tongue and other on the back of the inner lining, helps to pull the boot on. The inner lining tends to roll down a little when your foot goes in so running your fingers around your ankles to pull the lining back up increases the comfort. The Boa system works really nice to synch up the boot, about 5 or 6 turns gets it snug. Then there is the zipper, which can be tough to zip up if the Boa isn’t tightened enough. Then there is an overshoe flap which easily flips over to cover the zipper. Then there is an ankle strap to thread through the loop to secure it all. However, it is well worth the extra effort for warm dry feet.
A nice feature of this boot is that you can adjust the Boa’s tension, loosen or tighten, without having to undo everything.
I use Crank Brother Egg Beaters, there is a little bit of interference with the tread while clipping into the pedals so a bit more effort is required. Unclipping is free of interference and easy to do. Ensure you get the Crank Brother shoe shields to protect the sole of these boots.

I wear a size 42 Sidi. A size 42 Klondike fits a little bit bigger with enough room for 1 or 2 thick wool socks. No need to size up as Garneau seems to have accommodated for winter socks in their sizing.

Now for the most important part; I wear 1 layer of Defeet Woolie Boolies, the boot has room for another layer but I haven’t found a real need it yet.
On my 1 hour commute; at -10 C, my toes are comfortably warm. At -15 my toes are cool but not uncomfortably cold. At -23 C, my toes were cold but not aching cold but this would be my 1 hour limit with 1 layer of Woolie Boolies. I’ve ridden for 2.5 hours at -8 C, my toes were cool but not uncomfortably cold. At +8 C, the Klondike are on the verge of being too warm, my feet were sweating a bit at the end of my hour commute home. The rest of my foot felt warm throughout all of these rides, even at -23 C.

Overall I’m quite happy with the Klondike for my application; primarily commuting but also weekend riding both on road and in the mountains. These boots are warm, comfortable and versatile.
/ Posted on February 24, 2017

Nice but toes a bit cool

I like these boots. They fit beautifully and are well built. They are warm with the exception of the toe box - even with good wool socks my toes get a bit cold after 30 minutes in temperatures below about -10C. It really is too bad because these would be fantastic boots if LG could make the toe box nice and warm.

They are also versatile: I wear them for my winter commutes and then use them as walking boots if I leave the office at lunch. I also use them for outdoor training when the roads and the weather are nice enough to avoid indoor training on the bike trainer.

Too bad about the lack of toe box insulation but I don't regret buying them at all.
/ Posted on January 24, 2017

Good warm boot

Very warm with good socks. 10 DG is the coldest I have used them. Super comfortable and works well with clipless pedals
/ Posted on January 19, 2017

Cold toes!

Cold toes! Well built and comfortable but not designed for use in the cold. Comfortable until winter comes or if I go outside. As long as these are not used in the cold it's a great shoe. Thick socks and a vapor barrier used in my summer shoes is a warmer setup than these boots. Two hours at 25 F my toes were cool but not in pain. After an hour at 12 F my feet were done.
/ Posted on December 30, 2016

Comforatble but cold

Rode these twice in temperatures around 10 F (-12 C). Toes froze after 45 minutes, even with extra socks. The rest of my foot remained toasty. Otherwise these are very comfortable, well built boots.

I recommend designing a boot that has more insulation and wind resistance specifically in the toes. I mean just pack a massive amount of insulation around the toe box; could there really be too much? I have heard guys complaining about the same thing with 45NRTH boots as well, so someone please make a boot that keeps our toes warm while in the winter saddle.

Garneau Costumer Service : Thank you for your review on the Klondike shoe. We are always looking for ways to improve our product and feedback from our customers helps us to better serve their needs.

/ Posted on December 8, 2016


There are only a few shoes like this on the market but none at this price point.

BOA system works like a charm....shoes are plenty warm and sole has grip.

I highly recommend this product!
/ Posted on December 8, 2016

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