All Mountain 3/4 Sleeve Jersey
All Mountain 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

All Mountain 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

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Price chart
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All Mountain Jerseys are designed to be comfortable heading up the hills and then withstand the abuses of rallying hard down the trails, and our brand-new custom All Mountain ¾ length fully sublimatable Jersey was designed exactly for that.

Simply put, our new Custom AM ¾ Sleeve Jersey is party on the way up and business on the way down!  When riding AM trail bikes, it’s more likely than not that you’re enjoying your time getting up the hill, so whether it’s a lift, shuttle, or an easy-chill party pace to pedal to the top of the mountain, you can rest assured this jersey leaves plenty of opportunity to socialize and stay cool.  Its breathable fabrics, relaxed fit, and comfortable neck openings feel great, and the fully sublimatable option gives you the freedom to share your flare.
We also threw in a bit of our technical Zircon fabrics.  Zircon is a proprietary fabric we use that is sweat activated, and once it starts to become wet it emits a cooling sensation that cools you down and helps you stay focused on your line.  It especially comes in handy on those hot days when you do choose to earn your lines on the way up.
As for the business side of the jersey, when it’s time to turn it loose and rip down the hill, we have you covered there as well.  The jersey is cut to accommodate various riding positions and allows you to freely shift your weight around on the bike with no limitations.  The sleeves are also cut to be fully compatible with heavier duty pads, and the fabrics are more durable in case you take an unexpected fall.  The sleeves also provide enhanced mobility to throw back either bottles, cans, or pints, of whatever your recovery beverage of choice may be.
It also has a zip side pocket to store a key card, multi tool, small wallet, or anything else you can think to throw in there.  The brand-new custom All Mountain Jersey is made in our own factory in North America and has super quick turnaround times once art is confirmed.  Begin your order today and we'll get it to you in no time!

Technical Details

  • Gender : Men
  • Fabric : Zircon
  • Clothing fit : Standard Fit
  • Clothing Features : V-neck opening with tab
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