How we outfitted Team Garneau-Easton for Cyclocross season

by Garneau

Garneau-Easton p/b Transitions LifeCare is one of North America's top professional and developmental cyclocross team. The six-member pro roster consists of Michael van den Ham, Craig Richey, Dylan Postier, Gunnar Holmgren, Erica Zaveta, and Natasha Elliot. For the third year, the team will be racing on DreamFactory custom painted Garneau Steeple carbon frames. Riders will also be kitted head to toes in Garneau bike helmet, shoes, and custom skin suit kits.

Custom Apparel: The Course Skin

We all know the go-to choice for cross is a skinsuit, but all the talk around skinsuits usually focuses on aerodynamics. While the Course Skin can hold its own for those riders wanting time-trial-esque speed, it is also leads in technology for cyclocross junkies.

The Custom Course Skin is perfect for cyclocross for the following reasons:

  1. Increased mobility around the stomach area for all the running and twisting in cyclocross.
  2. The Custom Course Skin has a fully detachable zipper in the front so you can unzip the top like a bike jersey, but it is still connected to the shorts at the sides and back like a skinsuit. Connecting the top to the bottoms is a four-way stretchable mesh that dries super quick.

  3. The mesh super lightweight side pannels are perfect for the hot early season races.
  4. It seems like CX seasons starts earlier and earlier every year. With races on the calendar in August and September, cross skins are no longer limited to thermal skins. Sometimes you need light and breathable pieces for those early-season races. The Custom Course Skin fits this bill.

  5. Incredibly comfortable leg and arm grippers which again, only make runing, remounting, and twisting easier.
  6. The sleeves and legs are laser-cut and seamless. This makes for a single-layer smooth transition that is compressive enough to avoid riding up. Lack of seams also eliminates the chance of irritation.

  7. The 3 rear pockets are handy in warm races when you need somewhere to stash a waterbottle.
  8. With no cages, you can rely on hand ups, you can go 45 minutes without water, or you can stuff a bottle in your back pocket. The back pockets are "floating" so heavy contents won't result in pull at the neck.

Dreamfactory cyclocross bike: Steeple XC

The cyclocross bike Steeple XC has an impressive heritage of mud warriors tackling the gnarliest terrains. Great mud-clearing stays and fork enable rider tire selection up to 45C, opening up access to new grounds. Front thru axle and disc brake equipped, our rides provide unparalleled control, helping build confidence and momentum through every turn.

Race-proven, weather tested, this cyclocross bike will provide year-round versatility.


A selection of twenty-five colors can be used in three locations on the frame with two clear coat options, personal identification, country flag, and color-matched Garneau logos.

  1. Bike Geometry
  2. A tight and nibble geometry makes the bike maneuverable in any condition and the bottom bracket is positioned just right to be able to pedal out of ruts and out of corners. Plenty of clearance inside in the front triangle makes it easy to shoulder on climbs.

  3. Carbon Fiber Layup
  4. We optimized the carbon layup on the frame for off-road use. This improves durability and comfort while still maintaining good power transfer.

  5. Thru-Axle
  6. T12 12mm thru-axles at front and back for more confidence while cornering and added security with disc brakes (wheel will not disengage from the drop out).

  7. Multiple cabling options
  8. Multiple fittings are included so customer is able to run full housing for protection or interrupted for smoother shifting. All cable run cleanly into the frame.

  9. Fender ready
  10. Fender ready for more versatility, makes a great winter or commute bike when cyclocross season is over.

Copper T-Flex Shoes

Everything that was given to our Course Air Lite road cycling shoe is now offered for the most demanding mountain bike and cyclocross riders. Our entire race shoe design heritage has been passed on to the Copper T-Flex. This includes a strong frame that prevents the shoe from going soft on a muddy course. And because the most demanding riders are those who ride the most, comfort is top priority. That is why the Copper T-Flex features a brand-new system of offset straps designed to reduce pressure on top of the foot when fastening the shoe. The new Boa® system can be easily replaced in case of a glitch – just change the dial and you're good to go. Add to that a carbon composite outsole and what you get is a shoe designed for high performance the moment you leave the paved road.

The Copper T-Flex starts with a strong base so that the shoe will hold up even in muddy courses. The carbon composite outsole helps make sure each pedal stroke is efficient and all energy is properly transferred, but it stops short of the toe box to provide a bit of toe flex for steep run-ups. - Cyclocross Magazine
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