by Garneau

Anyone who has shopped for women’s outdoor products is familiar with the term “pink it and shrink it.” If by some chance you are not, this phrase refers to the tendency of brands to size down their men’s styles, change the color to pink, and describe these modified styles as “women’s specific”.

This is not how we do it at Garneau.

The Polartec® Apex Award-winning styles, the Cove Hybrid Jacket and the Rocket Skirt, reflect the development and collaboration of a full complement of female outdoor enthusiasts and designers. Together, these talented and passionate women truly design and develop to the specific needs of women athletes with a nod towards design styles and colors that appeal to the empowered woman.

Let’s dive in to each style to give justification to this…

Women’s Cove Hybrid Jacket

The key ingredient to this jacket is the use of Polartec® Alpha® insulation. This fabric is a new technology with active insulation that regulates core body temperatures during both dynamic and static activities. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move.

In order to integrate this fabric, our designers had to make considerations on how the female body sweats and regulates temperature. Scientifically, we realized that women’s core body temperature is a few degrees below a man’s temperature. So gentlemen, listen up when she says she’s cold. We did. We added an extra 40 g of Polartec® Alpha® insulation in the Women’s Cove Hybrid Jacket beyond what the Men’s Cove Hybrid Jacket gets, and we didn’t stop there. We also looked at the high sweat zones and added breathable, stretchable and moisture-wicking channels on the back, for example, to help increase body heat regulation.

The overall cut of the jacket features a silhouette-enhancing design with slightly flared side panels and anatomically positioned chest baffles to flatter and fit the female form. Then come the details like thumbholes to reduce bulging in the sleeves, two discreet front pockets (one with a key hook) that are large enough for storing gloves, and feminine color accents.

What might be the biggest draw to this jacket, however, is its versatility. Let’s face it ladies, we are frugal when it comes to outdoor gear. We still want to afford the new shoes and bags, so we created a product that can be ideal for walking, skiing, and fatbiking or even the little side-trip to the café with the girls before or after a workout.

Women’s Rocket Skirt

Spare the embarrassment, but the truth is fat cells don’t have a lot of blood vessels going to them and without blood vessels, those areas don’t get warm. Or, let’s spin it like this, women have a bit more junk in their trunk than men and our bums are always cold. So passionate cross-country skier Marijulie Lavigne came up with the idea of the Rocket Skirt. Though it might at first look have a cutesy appeal, this piece is an ass-saver, literally.

Specifically-shaped front and back quilted panels are lined with 60 g of Polartec® Alpha® insulation for warmth without the bulk. The panels are linked by Interknitty, a stretchable double-knit fabric that offers great movement while exercising. This piece can be perfect for après-ski and easy to throw on over a pair of tights, yet is still super functional.

And ladies, if you need a place to store a lip gloss or your car keys, we included a kangaroo front pocket with an integrated sleeve for your phone so it doesn’t bounce around as you walk, ski, snowshoe, or whatever. Designer Marijulie chose a black colorway for this style so it matches any printed or colorful tight you have in your wardrobe to give it that extra versatility.