by Heidi Myers
- Friend of Lea, Heidi has been working at Garneau for almost 20 years, she is well involved in her community and the cycling world.

I don’t think we understand the mental fortitude a professional athlete must have. Imagine if your full-time job was a series of performance evaluations and if you aren’t one of the top three in your company, your paycheck was docked, your reputation discredited, and the general consensus is you must work harder.  No one would apply for this type of work except those with a devout sense of passion for the task at hand.  In this case, the only applicants are these people we call pros.

Lea Davison
Lea Davison

With this in mind, I was always fascinated with Lea Davison’s demeanor from her @leaeatsalot Instagram handle to her #happinessisfast hashtag usage.  How can an individual with triumphing pressure display herself with an almost lighthearted vernacular?  Maybe this is her secret recipe, the amuse bouche of wit before laying down a serious serving of whoop ass. 

In getting to know Lea, we shared but one commonality.  It was not our technical handling, our climbing abilities, or our ability to quickly pick a line and let it rip.  No, my mountain biking was more akin to the Sherpa of the two kids I ride with and learning to ride at a slower pace behind them.  Instead, Lea and I were quick to realize from her house to mine was the infamous Cupboard Deli & Bakery, a glorified convenience store known to Vermonters as Jana's.  At the foot of Smuggler's Notch, this gas station welcomes you with glass display cases of donuts.  From sicky sweet concoctions to crispy plain donuts to dunk in your coffee, anyone can find some delight.

Donut Box Beiko
Donut Box - Beiko

And so when we started chatting about her 2019 custom kits designs, I asked Lea if we could break the traditional mold of kits.  Her response was similar to the answer of do you want a donut.  In other words, she was all in.  I began searching for the tokens of happiness in her life:

Beyonce: Check (read the article)

Frazier (her wife): Check (read the article)

Donuts: Check!!

Lea Davison's Donut Give Up Kit
Lea Davison's Donut Give Up Kit

And so, the journey began and what initially came across as a lack of serious, I realized was a survival instinct.  Lea has raced at such a hard intensity for so long that she understands there will always be bad races, but if you are truly passionate, if you are a warrior, you donut give up.