by Garneau

In the past few years, cycling kits have gotten, quite simply, a whole lot cooler. With review sites like WTFKits and KitWatch, riding has become haute couture. Coupled with riding cliques such as roadies, gravel grinders, and mountain shredders, cycling is now an expression of our individuality.

The DreamFactory Trilogy Concept is the most integrated customization service in the bike industry. It allows our customers to personalize and match their bike to helmet to kit. It allows our customers to stand out. It allows our customers creative control in a fashion-forward setting.

So what exactly can you do?

  1. Customized Garneau Bicycle: Twenty-five color selection that can be used in three locations on the frame with two clear coat options, personal identification, country flag, and color-matched Garneau logos.

  2. Customized Garneau Helmet: Two helmet styles can be customized with vinyl decals.

  3. Customized Garneau Kit: One-unit customization on a wide selection of apparel for men and women.

We give you the paintbrush, and we handle the details.  We have dropped our minimums: we have none.  We can create one kit, one jersey.  We can help bring your designs to life with a host of talented graphic designers able to work with only sketches, logos, and concepts.  We offer some of the most innovative styles available for customization.  We know the leading construction specifications and technical textiles needed for great cycling gear.

The rest is up to you.