by Garneau

Often referred to as "free speed" or "cheap speed", basic aerodynamic improvements to the rider's on-the-bike profile can improve performance without requiring more training time, intervals, or power meter knowledge.

In fact, some easy updates to a rider's silhouette through the use of advanced fabrics and strategic clothing fitting along with optimization of gear (helmet, shoes, socks) can make a huge difference for nearly all riders searching for aero gains. 

In partnership with the aero testing experts at Alphamantis, Garneau has worked with elite level athletes in cycling and triathlon to advance the science and development of our fabrics and our clothing construction. By treating the rider's entire profile – from their helmet to their shoes we've also been able to optimize helmets, shoes, and other bike gear to function with the rider as a complete system fine-tuned for the best performance. 

The Alphamantis revolutionary technology evaluates equipment design in a real-world setting so that any modifications made to the equipment don’t compromise comfort or take into consideration sustainable riding positions.

And, even if you aren't an elite athlete looking for incremental gains in competition, our process infuses much of the overall line to provide some "free" speed!