by Hannah Rae Finchamp

Member of the CLIF Pro Team, former California state high school mountain bike champion and collegiate national mountain bike champion in two disciplines.

The Moose

If I had a nickel for every time someone underestimated me then I would be a very rich girl. I love it though. I love every time someone looks at me and draws too quick of a conclusion. It's a chance for me to prove them wrong.

«I am a moose. I am unassuming and often overlooked, but I am powerful.»

When I was nine years old and I stood on the start line for the first time, a man three times my body weight stood in front of me. I smiled, because I knew I would pass him before the first turn. When I won the amateur XTERRA World Championship for the first time at age 16 and my competitors looked shocked, I smiled because I wasn’t the one they were looking for over their shoulders. At age 22, when my male professor says, “How could you possibly be a professional mountain biker?” I still smile, because I am capable of so much more than he could ever imagine.

Most people underestimate me and that’s okay. My goals are far too big for most people to assume and sometimes even too big for me to say out loud.

Custom jersey by Hannah Rae Finchamp

I am a moose. When most people list the dangerous animals of the mountains, they list mountain lions, bears, or snakes. The moose is often forgotten or overlooked. The moose is a little awkward and slowly walks down the trail. It is an herbivore and generally poses no threat. The moose, however, has very few predators of its own. Moose have been seen to fend off bears and packs of wolves. Running at speeds up to 35 miles per hour and having the endurance to swim for over 2 hours, moose are much more than meets the eye.

The moose is the focal point on my Garneau custom cycling kit because it reminds me that even the biggest and most powerful is often underestimated. Every doubt from others is just fuel for my fire. I will charge on!

The Cabin

Looking to the back of my jersey, a cabin in the woods sits in the lower left hand corner. This cabin represents my family. My granddad built this cabin by hand in Priest Lake, Idaho over 70 years ago. It's my happy place and it reminds me of the village it took to raise me. I started racing when I was only 9 years old. That’s 9 years that my mom had to sign my race waiver for me to even line up to race. I wouldn’t be where I am without my family.

back of the custom jesery designed by Hannah Rae Finchamp

The Cross

The cross sits above the cabin, overlooking my family. As a Christian, the cross on this jersey represents my “why.” This is why I go through thousands of hours of strenuous training. No matter what your “why” is, find it and ride for it.


Over the last 13 years, I’ve pursued an education alongside my athletics career. My education has led me to two degrees: athletic training and exercise science. At the end of this year, my goal is to be Hannah Finchamp ATC, LAT, CSCS.

Hannah’s Pancakes

I take pride in my pancakes. With retirement still decades away, I see myself owning a pancake restaurant featuring over 50 different types of pancakes. I already have the menu drafted up.


''For no other reason than it makes me irrationally happy! Sometimes you don’t need an explanation for joy. A smile can be the most powerful weapon of all.''

The Secret Inside

Inside my back pocket is the symbol that started it all. I remember hearing the statement: “See an arrow and get to it, the fastest way possible.” It sparked my sense of adventure and competitive nature. When I stood on the start line for that first race, I didn’t know that it would eventually lead me to the world’s best mountain bike team. In my back pocket, I hold XTERRA Triathlon: the races that started it all.