by Garneau

In 2016, Lin-Manuel Miranda accepted the Tony Award for Best Score and his speech consisted of a sonnet that has remained in my thoughts since that day.  “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love,” those words describe everything you are about to read.


When the world thinks of 2-time Olympian, Lea Davison, it thinks strong, fierce, and unstoppable.  Yet, reflected in the last week was a side of Lea that is stronger than any World Cup performance.  That tenacity is her love for her partner and now wife, Frazier Blair.  


Far be it for me to eloquently portray this love.  Love is something that as guest or participant you can only witness firsthand and in return it leaves you without words.  So void of dictation, may the following conjure the emotions  experienced when in the presence of these two women.

Love always protects.

Love  makes us reach for more.


Love is the best reflection of ourselves.


Love is that one kiss.


Love is uncontainable.


Love is love.