by Lex Albrecht

Professional Canadian road cyclist. She is a member of the Canadian National Cycling team, and the UCI Women's World Tour team, TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank.

They say if you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you perform well. My Mom taught me that if there are two things you shouldn't skimp on, it's nice shoes and a real haircut."

I haven't cheated on my hairdresser Jeff since we met 3 years ago. He's like my coach - I trust him, like he's a part of the team. I'll wait months on end, travelling and racing while my hair grows out to the point where I feel like it's a mop, to get it cut by "my one and only" Jeff. Every time that moment comes, I feel refreshed, renewed, empowered. Look good, feel good...

It's been impossible to convince Jeff to leave the salon and join us in the international bike racing 'circus', but having good shoes has proven to be the next best thing.

Living in Italy for the 2016 season was the perfect opportunity to up my shoe game. Where they lack in order and peacefulness, Italians more than make up in gelato, espresso and SHOES. Here's the rule I made: When in Italy, you buy the most Italian shoes possible – the shinier the better.


My love for shoes extends to the bike and even though fashion is far from my top priority, especially for training and racing, a new pair of kicks can make a girl feel powerful.

I wear red Course Air Lites when I want watts, speed, performance. I wear the white ones when I'm headed for big adventure, discovery, fun. I lace up my slick, black custom 84's to make a statement or find the best espresso a given 'hood has to offer. When I meet up with friends for a social ride or join someone new for a spin, I often pick my matte black Carbon LS-100 shoes. They're classy and make a good first impression.

Style isn't everything, but there's no denying that having good shoe game feels pretty awesome!