by Haley Batten

Member of the CLIF Pro Team, U23 XC mountain bike racer, 2017 XC US National Championships (U23 Women).

In the process of my kit’s creation, I decided that I wanted it to encompass everything that I love about mountain biking.

I hoped that would not only put a smile on my face when I zipped it up before taking off on a ride, but that it would motivate me and do the same for others.

The past two race seasons have provided me with countless learning opportunities, demonstrating to me the immense value and importance of the “process”. This has adjusted my perspective of my pursuit as an athlete and I find myself being absolutely thrilled every single day, ride, and workout. My passion for the sport continues to flourish as I work to become the best I can be, on and off the bike.

To represent how I have found appreciation for the journey, I want to use a figure that has always attracted my attention: the mountain goat. I am in awe of its adventurous and courageous spirit and the features that it symbolizes have been the essential ingredients for my love of the process. These features include inspiration, challenge, and joy, all of which have been embodied in this amazing kit created by Garneau.



There are a few different elements of inspiration that make me antsy to get on my bike, to train, and to explore; being inspired by others, being inspired by moments, and hoping to someday be an inspiration to others. The Clif Pro Team inspires me, mountain goats inspire me, and quotes inspire me. I am inspired by being outdoors, the environment, and facing the elements. By finding inspiration in many things, I can aspire to be my best every day and help others in their pursuits as well. It is through inspiration that we can find the motivation we need to tackle the challenges that will lie in the road ahead.


A mountain goat will take the most challenging route of steep rocks and jagged terrain to reach the top of a mountain. She knows that by choosing to take this exhilarating route, it will test her limits and form a new sense of confidence. Mountain biking has taught me how to face challenges. It’s intimidating to put your whole heart into something with an unknown outcome. It seems that fear blurs our vision when it comes to challenging ourselves and taking risks. If our focus is solely on the outcome, the fear of failure can sometimes overcome the value of the experience when tackling the challenges along the way.

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


It is these challenges that build us, teach us, and change us. Through valuing the process, challenge is not something to be scared of, but something to excite us. Each steep climb and snow storm is a chance to create adventure and test our character. Challenges are thrilling and ultimately have the greatest rewards.

The greatest view comes after the hardest climb.


It’s these little moments that count the most. The smile you can’t hold back when you reach the top of a climb and the world is outstretched before you or when you’re chasing your friends down an epic new trail. These are the moments that make the process into the greatest memories. The sunsets, the crunching of fall leaves under your tires, the mud spraying your face as you charge through a puddle, the glowing stars on a night ride. Bikes can take us to amazing places, don’t forget those little moments that make riding and exploring so special.

All of these elements are what make the process so worth it, every single day. If I ever get too overwhelmed by what I hope to achieve, I know this Garneau kit will remind me of what inspires me, to challenge myself, and to enjoy the ride as I hop on my bike. It is the journey and how it will help me evolve as a person that is, in itself, success. I hope it can do the same for you, helping to remind us all to value the process in the pursuit of our goals, whatever they may be.