by Geoff Kabush

A born and bred Canadian, he is known for racing his bike fast and having a little fun.

World-renowned Canadian athlete Geoff Kabush has been wearing Garneau apparel and accessories for over 20 years. In 2017, the relationship between this living legend of mountain biking and the Québec company will move to the next level thanks to a new personalized partnership. Geoff Kabush will be wearing Garneau apparel once again this year, and will also be involved with the marketing department and in product development.

The Olympian in Sydney, Beijing and London now begins the last leg of his professional cycling career. To finish on a high note, Geoff Kabush surrounded himself with long-standing partners for the 2017 season. The athlete is also a great ambassador of a clean cycling sport, having contributed to launching the “Race Clean Own Your Victory” program in collaboration with Cycling Canada. Geoff Kabush is also the only athlete member of the administrative council.

Eric Sakalowsky, Global Marketing Director at Garneau, looks forward to this refreshing sponsorship with a very loyal athlete: “Marketing is constantly evolving and Geoff is the ideal partner to showcase all of our expertise. By creating marketing content and helping the development of a complete line of custom cycling apparel, Geoff Kabush’s involvement with us is unique. The whole team is very proud to bring this long-standing partnership to a whole new level.”

Geoff Kabush’s Custom kit Design Process 

In 2017 I am embarking on a new solo project which is motivating and inspiring for me in many ways. I have built some great relationships over the years and one of the partnerships I’m really excited to continue with is Garneau. Racing on the Garneau sponsored National Team and several different trade teams over the last 20 years, I’ve experienced a lot and seen the evolution of their products. The fit, comfort, and technical options across all seasons are really impressive and I always have exactly what I need for the conditions. 

This year brings something new and exciting as it is the first time I’ve gotten a chance to work directly with Garneau’s custom design team. I helped with input before on some designs but this was the first time I’ve had the chance to inspire and create my own look. Starting from scratch was a little intimidating but I just looked back at ideas and experience for what jerseys I’ve liked over the years and what inspired me. I’ve tried to keep at least one jersey from every year I’ve raced and have quite a few special custom kits and jerseys from over the years. This gave me quite a library to pull ideas from.

After gathering ideas, thoughts, and preferences, my first communication with the LG design team started with:

I was drawn to classic big panels across the chest similar to some of the original retro old school wool team jerseys. I felt like this simple panel design really highlights my partners best and avoids the design looking too busy.

In addition to classic panels I wanted to add another dimension and uniqueness to the design with some geometric shapes. I mentioned I liked the geometric work LG had done with the Easton-Garneau CX team kit as an example.

For colors, I was inspired by some paintings I came across from a local Squamish artist, Andy Anissimoff, which showed some of the beautiful West Coast colors that I identify and feel at home with. I’ve always really liked different shades of blue and I thought a little orange accent from my tire sponsor Maxxis would make for a nice combination.

From these original ideas, the LG design team generated some initial design sketches for me to review. I quickly saw something I liked and after some small changes to get things exactly how I wanted them, we arrived at a final design for review. The design team then transferred the design to all the different custom mtb apparel pieces I’ll be wearing this year. The process was super simple working with the Garneau custom team and I’m super excited how things turned out. 

In 2017 I’ll be travelling and attending a huge variety of events and races. Along with some cool special projects along the way, it is going to be a fun year competing in everything from cross-country, to endurance, stage races, enduro, gravel, cyclocross, and road. I’m psyched to have some amazing support from Garneau this year and I know that I’m going to have all the clothing I need for everything I encounter. The fact that it will be some super cool looking custom gear makes it even better. 

Now, it’s time to shred my home trails with this awesome gear!