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  1. The Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe

    An exciting new collaboration dedicated to the pursuit of indoor cycling  fitness. 
  2. X-Comfort: The most comfortable shoes ever!

    This revolution in tri shoes was design in cooperation with the professional athlete Lionel Sanders.
  3. Tech Talk: Why High End Shoes Matter

    “Why should a rider who already owns cycling shoes purchase better ones?”
  4. Eurobike Award 2017 - The Most Comfortable Cycling Shoes for 2018

    When it comes to cycling comfort, there are a few key touchpoints across the rider-equipment-bike system that really make the difference.
  5. Why you need to use clipless pedals

    The advantages of clipless pedals shouldn't be underestimated. Once you make the move, you won't want to go back!
  6. Antoine Races to the Sun in Garneau Shoes

    The 2016 Paris-Nice race was another one for the record books.