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  1. How To Choose your Snowshoes

    by Garneau Snowshoeing: A winter sport for everyone watch our video : How to choose snowshoes Snowshoes make winter walking fun and give a great excuse to get outside and enjoy. As a sport and winter activity, snowshoeing is extremely accessible. Anyone who can walk can also snowshoe. Snowshoes are small, portable "decks" that strap to your feet via a pivoting binding so that you can easily walk without sinking into deep snow. The greater surface aread the snowshoe provides gives you float on the snow. Underfoot traction via crampons keeps you from slipping on hardpacked snow, ice and/or certain obstacles like a fallen branch. There are many ways to snowshoe: for exercise, to reach a summit, or to win a race. Snowshoes are all also a great for some fu
  2. Tips for a successful off-season triathlon training program

    It is important to remember that post season is just as important as any other part of the year, even if that includes forcing yourself to rest.
  3. Cold weather cycling

    Figuring out the right cycling base layer for fall rides, isn't always easy. For cyclocross riders cool, crisp fall weather can’t come soon enough. 
  4. Winter Training with the Wurteles

    As much as we enjoy sunshine and warmth, we prefer living in a climate with four distinct seasons. Yaaaay Canada! 
  5. Winter Apparel Designed for Women by Women

    Anyone who has shopped for women’s outdoor products is familiar with the term “pink it and shrink it.”