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  1. Success in your First Olympic Triathlon

    Lisa Bentley shares some tips she learned from experience - not from a textbook.
  2. You Need Cycling-Specific Shoes

    This quick overview helps you understand the benefits of riding with cycling specific shoes.
  3. Cycling Shoes' Buyers' Guide

    Anytime someone asks us what type of shoes they need, we ask “where are you riding?” 
  4. Fat biking to cure cancer

    I’m not as fast as I was. But every day I can throw a leg over the saddle and pedal forward, it’s one day closer to normal.
  5. The Cyclist's Menu

    An escape from the stronghold of winter across the rest of the US, Patagonia, Arizona delivers the exploratory miles we all lust for as cyclists.
  6. The Art Factory Collection

    Everything we do here at the factory has a story behind it, and these kits are no exception. 
  7. March Fitness Boost

    Welcome to ''repair, rejuvenation and renovation'' season otherwise incorrectly referred to as the off-season. 
  8. Fat Bike and winter gear buyer's guide

    One thing is for certain though: since its inception many years ago fat bike riding has proven to be a style of riding that’s going to stick around! 
  9. Fear and loathing in Bear Mt.

    The Bear Mountain Spring Classic consists of an approximately 14 mile circuit with several climbs, the most punchy of which is the first -Tiorati Brook Road.