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  1. The Art Factory Collection

    Everything we do here at the factory has a story behind it, and these kits are no exception. 
  2. March Fitness Boost

    Welcome to ''repair, rejuvenation and renovation'' season otherwise incorrectly referred to as the off-season. 
  3. Fat Bike and winter gear buyer's guide

    One thing is for certain though: since its inception many years ago fat bike riding has proven to be a style of riding that’s going to stick around! 
  4. Fear and loathing in Bear Mt.

    The Bear Mountain Spring Classic consists of an approximately 14 mile circuit with several climbs, the most punchy of which is the first -Tiorati Brook Road. 
  5. Life is the most important message

    Join us on December 22 for the International “Don’t text and drive” Day.
  6. Japan as a Dream Destination

    I blurted out “Japan?” after a total of 30 seconds of thought. “Never been, it’s on the top of my list, let’s do it” he replied. 
  7. The Truth About High Vis Clothing

    It’s a fact, wearing hi-viz clothing, adding lights to your bike, and complementing your garments with reflective elements can save your life.
  8. Garneau Presents: Role Models

    In the Garneau Role Model series, we take a look into the stories of those who inspire us to live and breathe the cycling lifestyle.
  9. The Actifly Indoor Cycling Shoe

    An exciting new collaboration dedicated to the pursuit of indoor cycling  fitness.