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We are driven, caring and capable facilitators. Elevating people’s power to connect. Be it across town, between cultures, circles and genders or over old barriers, we move with people and with greater purpose. From destinations to destiny. Blurring the lines between urban and human, work life and leisure style, comfort and confidence. With goods and gear seamlessly shifting between the social and the professional. On a run, on a ride or on a call. Country cool or city smart. At every occasion, anywhere, comfortably and confidently. Making the connection in the name of happier communities and healthier cities everywhere, and forever.

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Connect Cycling Shirt

Our Connect line of apparel is designed to connect people to places, and people to people, while enjoying all the benefits of an active lifestyle. It offers a casual look with a relaxed fit for everyday use around the home, office or gym, and is constructed with performance fabrics designed for indoor cycling, as well as any style of outdoor riding, yoga, rock climbing, and anything else you can throw at it.

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    #happytime Hoodie #happytime Hoodie
    #happytime Hoodie
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    Cobalt Lace Cycling Shoes Cobalt Lace Cycling Shoes
    Cobalt Lace Cycling Shoes
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    Cambridge Cycling Shirt Cambridge Cycling Shirt
    Cambridge Cycling Shirt
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    Women's #happytime Hoodie Women's #happytime Hoodie
    Women's #happytime Hoodie
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    Regular Price US$69.99 Special Price US$55.99
    Asset Cycling Helmet
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    Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes
    Cobalt BOA Cycling Shoes
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