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We are enablers of the elevated experience. Amplifying adventures and the exploration of new avenues to the WOW! And the wild. Opening wide the doors to the outdoors. Crafting new fun, enjoyment, wonder and heights of excitement from our values. Inspiring families and friends to travel and explore new trails, new territories and new opportunities. Ensuring people are equally well-equipped, on the hilltop or the rooftop. And on everything from asphalt to gravel, all year round, free and unbound. Making every moment more memorable by getting them there without getting in the way, comfortably, confidently and consistently.

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Party pace on the way up, and within reason, sending it as much as we can on the way down, with plenty of stops along the way to take in the scenery. We created the Mountain Bike Jersey for just that: riding trail, exploring the woods, being "awestruck" at the views we take in, and being present in the world around us. It's not all about emotions though. We used our state-of-the-art fabrics like the Zircon material that provides a cooling effect once sweat activated, and our AnCore Mesh to keep the air flowing for quick moisture management. We need to move around on the bike as well, so we gave it a relaxed fit that's non-restrictive.

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    Raid Mips Cycling Helmet
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    Women's Struck Cycling Jersey
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    Women's Mica II Cycling Shoes