Road cycling

Ride. Go Beyond.

Are you getting ready for a race? Riding with your club on Sundays? Or simply riding your bike on a nice quiet morning? Whatever your favorite activity is, you want to have the best equipment to enjoy the ride. At Garneau, road cycling is part of our DNA. From cycling shoes to jerseys and vests, we have what you need to ride many kilometers this fall.

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Stay comfy. Layer Up!

You know those chilly fall mornings when your ride can easily be messed up by the wrong equipment? Make sure you have a nice and warm ride with our fall base layers. Perfect underneath a jacket or a jersey, they’ll keep you warm and wick away moisture to keep you dry.

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Smell that frosty fall air, face those foul weather conditions

You’re enjoying the nice fall days to ride a few more kilometers. The sun is out but the chill air of autumn is starting to show. A jacket is too much, but no jacket leaves you a shivering mess. Warmers are the quintessential piece for every cyclist’s wardrobe. Our fall accessories are made for all types of weather from freezing to sweltering. Garneau has every level of protection to keep you riding with the cool kids.

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Cycling in cold weather

Autumn is a time of change that brings with it some new challenges for those who get around by bike. Figuring out the right cycling base layer for fall rides, isn't always easy. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Check the temperature
  • The thermometer will tell you the basics - but don’t forget to factor in windchill. Got it? Now head to your closet. Over time, you’ll determine what works best for you. At the very least, it should help alleviate some pre-trip anxiety about what to pack for your next bike tour.

  • Start with Your Cycling Base Layers
  • Our feet will inevitably feel whatever the weather of the day is. Make sure to have waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry.

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Good for the mud, good for stones, good for the cold and the wet

Great for Mountain Biking, Fat Biking, or any conditions when water and cold are present. The Mudstone Shoes have an extra insulated toe box with a high volume fit last, so you can wear thick socks without having to size up. They’re fully waterproof with a three layer construction using synthetic leather and a neoprene sealed cuff for better protection. The flat outsole is great for riding and walking around the trails with excellent traction in wet walking conditions.

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