Road cycling

From chilly rides to freezing jaunts, cold weather road cycling demands more than typical cycling apparel. We cover you from head to toe and keep you warm all season.

Everything you need to ride

Road cycling jersey

Our cycling jerseys are developed in anticipation of hot summer days. The choice of technical fabrics is meticulously done to allow air to circulate to keep your body cool without compromising performance so that every ride is the best!

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Road cycling bibs & Shorts

Our Shorts & Bib Shorts are for any rider looking for premium fabrics, a comfortable fit, and high performing apparel that falls in the middle of the price spectrum. The design is combined with the use of highly stretchable and compressive fabrics which results in increased blood flow, reduced muscle vibration and, ultimately, reduced fatigue.

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Roadies' musts

  1. Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes
    Regular Price US$374.99 Special Price US$299.99
    Course Air Lite II Cycling Shoes
  2. Course M-2 Race Cycling Jersey Course M-2 Race Cycling Jersey
    Regular Price US$259.99 Special Price US$207.99
    Course M-2 Race Cycling Jersey
  3. Course Cycling Helmet Course Cycling Helmet
    Course Cycling Helmet
  4. Platinum II Cycling Shoes Platinum II Cycling Shoes
    Platinum II Cycling Shoes
  5. Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
    Cb Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
  6. Torrent Rtr Jacket Torrent Rtr Jacket
    Regular Price US$159.99 Special Price US$127.99
    Torrent Rtr Jacket
  7. Hero Cycling Helmet Hero Cycling Helmet
    Regular Price US$119.99 Special Price US$95.99
    Hero Cycling Helmet
  8. Edge 2 Cycling Jersey Edge 2 Cycling Jersey
    Edge 2 Cycling Jersey
  9. Modesto Cycling 3 Jacket Modesto Cycling 3 Jacket
    Regular Price US$69.99 Special Price US$55.99
    Modesto Cycling 3 Jacket
  10. Lemmon 2 Cycling Jersey Lemmon 2 Cycling Jersey
    Regular Price US$59.99 Special Price US$47.99
    Lemmon 2 Cycling Jersey
  11. Nova 2 Cycling Vest Nova 2 Cycling Vest
    Nova 2 Cycling Vest
  12. Rafale 2 Cycling Gloves Rafale 2 Cycling Gloves
    Rafale 2 Cycling Gloves
  13. Nimbus Evo Cycling Gloves Nimbus Evo Cycling Gloves
    Regular Price US$34.99 Special Price US$27.99
    Nimbus Evo Cycling Gloves