Sure, you can wear your jeans and button ups around town. We’re not saying you shouldn’t do that. However, if you’re looking for functional lifestyle apparel that offers just a bit more than denim and cotton, then check out our collection of sleek and modern apparel.

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Fluid & Fashionable | The Cityzen Collection

What does it mean to be a Cityzen? Is it a lifestyle? Is it the clothes you wear? Is it even something you can define? We’ve taken a stab at getting it into words. Click through to read more about finding zen in your urban environment.

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Cityzens' Musts

  1. Appear Jacket Appear Jacket
    Regular Price US$179.99 Special Price US$143.99
    Appear Jacket
  2. Enertec Hoodie Jacket Enertec Hoodie Jacket
    Regular Price US$169.99 Special Price US$143.99
    Enertec Hoodie Jacket
  3. Alternative Jacket Alternative Jacket
    Regular Price US$174.99 Special Price US$115.99
    Alternative Jacket
  4. Urban Cycling Shoes Urban Cycling Shoes
    Urban Cycling Shoes
  5. Urban Cycling Shorts Urban Cycling Shorts
    Urban Cycling Shorts
  6. Asset Cycling Helmet Asset Cycling Helmet
    Regular Price US$69.99 Special Price US$55.99
    Asset Cycling Helmet
  7. Manchester Cycling Jersey Manchester Cycling Jersey
    Manchester Cycling Jersey
  8. Optimum Cycling Shorts Optimum Cycling Shorts
    Optimum Cycling Shorts
  9. London Cycling Jersey London Cycling Jersey
    Regular Price US$49.99 Special Price US$39.99
    London Cycling Jersey