Black Shorts

The international reputation of Louis Garneau has been built on the quality and durability of its cycling shorts. To find the right short for yourself, you need to evaluate your needs and determine how long you want to ride for. In order to develop the best shorts on the market, we have invited professional cyclists to the Garneau Design Lab and to carry out performance testing based on their personal style.

Join our professional athletes and get a proper pair of cycling shorts. Take a look at our new models to find the right one for you.

  1. Bib 2 items
  2. Short 3 items
  1. Road 3 items
  2. Indoor cycling 3 items
  1. Aero 1 item
  2. Quick-drying 4 items
  3. Moisture management 2 items
  4. Anti-Bacterial 3 items
  5. Steel Frame 1 item
  6. UV protection 3 items
  7. Chamois 16 items
  8. RTR/High-Visibility 2 items
  1. Remove This Item Anti-Bacterial

3 items

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  1. Remove This Item Anti-Bacterial
  1. CB Carbon 2 Bib CB Carbon 2 Bib
    CB Carbon 2 Bib
  2. Carbon Lazer Bib Carbon Lazer Bib
    Carbon Lazer Bib
  3. Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts
    Carbon 2 Cycling Shorts

3 items

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