WE ARE MAKERS. From fast and flashy to subtle and sleek, every piece of Garneau apparel breathes our passion for cycling.

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We are the makers of the edge you seek. Those who are born of self-belief, focused on the goals you set and how best to get there. We know the course, the track, the path, the pain… and share the dream. Our role is to partner and assist in unlocking the true nature of performance. It’s about forging ahead, believing, becoming. Creating possibilities from potential. Carving milestones from values. Striving to achieve, outdo, and outpace everywhere. Winning or losing, but never giving up. From the foot of the climb to the summit. From the back of the pack to the podium. From end to end, and without end.

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Perform Cycling Shirt

Engineered for extreme performance, without compromising on comfort. Aaerodynamically-optimised fabrics combine with superb moisture wicking capabilities – for a streamlined fit that will keep you comfortable and dry. Developed with the summer cyclist in mind, coldblack® technology effectively blocks the build-up of heat generated by UV rays, allowing for superb temperature control – even on dark-coloured gear. Aero sleeves and a laser-finished hem on the arms ensure minimal wind resistance – marginal gains for shaving seconds from your personal best. Moisture-blocking material used on the interior of the pocket will protect your devices from sweat build-up, while all three rear pockets are unsecured at the bottom – designed to boost ventilation and avoid tension, even when you’re fully loaded.

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