Nordic Ski

You gotta get up to get down! Our great selection of Women’s Nordic apparel will match whatever pace you set, help get you up the hill with ease, and enable you to enjoy the descent.

Women Enertec Hoodie Jacket

Comfortable, breathable yet protective, and loaded with features, the Garneau Enertec Hoodie Jacket puts some of the best technical fabrics and technologies into a jacket that keeps you warm in the winter, yet provides enough breathability to let you perform at your maximum aerobic potential without getting bogged down with sweat inside.

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Women's Providence 2 bib

Water, mud, and cold don’t stand a chance against our element shedding Providence Bib Tights. Throw these on and ride in confidence knowing they leave the foul weather behind, and the good times keep rolling!

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Skiers' Musts

  1. Nordic Sport Hat Nordic Sport Hat
    Nordic Sport Hat
  2. Nordic Performance Hat Nordic Performance Hat
    Regular Price US$29.99 Special Price US$20.99
    Nordic Performance Hat
  3. Method Neck Gaiter Method Neck Gaiter
    Regular Price US$18.99 Special Price US$13.19
    Method Neck Gaiter
  4. Women's Alpha Cycling Vest Women's Alpha Cycling Vest
    Regular Price US$159.99 Special Price US$127.99
    Women's Alpha Cycling Vest
  5. Women's Lt Enerblock Jacket Women's Lt Enerblock Jacket
    Regular Price US$149.99 Special Price US$119.99
    Women's Lt Enerblock Jacket
  6. Women's Alcove Hybrid Pants Women's Alcove Hybrid Pants
    Regular Price US$169.99 Special Price US$135.99
    Women's Alcove Hybrid Pants
  7. Women's Variant Pants Women's Variant Pants
    Women's Variant Pants
  8. Women's Solano 2 Tights Women's Solano 2 Tights
    Regular Price US$99.99 Special Price US$79.99
    Women's Solano 2 Tights
  9. Women's Stockholm Tights Women's Stockholm Tights
    Regular Price US$69.99 Special Price US$48.99
    Women's Stockholm Tights
  10. Women's Optimum Mat Cycling Tights Women's Optimum Mat Cycling Tights
    Regular Price US$59.99 Special Price US$35.99
    Women's Optimum Mat Cycling Tights
  11. W's 2004 Longsleeves Top W's 2004 Longsleeves Top
    Regular Price US$39.99 Special Price US$31.99
    W's 2004 Longsleeves Top
  12. W's 2004 Pants W's 2004 Pants
    W's 2004 Pants
  13. Women's Mondavi Jacket Women's Mondavi Jacket
    Regular Price US$129.99 Special Price US$104.99
    Women's Mondavi Jacket
  14. Women's Edge 2 Cycling Jersey Women's Edge 2 Cycling Jersey
    Women's Edge 2 Cycling Jersey
  15. Women's Providence II Bib Tights Women's Providence II Bib Tights
    Women's Providence II Bib Tights