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The Safest Helmet

In 2018 Virginia Tech did the first safety tests on cycling helmets. Our MIPs Raid Mountain Bike helmet received a 5 out of 5-star rating and was ranked #1 in the list of MTB helmets. Click through to read more about our award-winning offering.

Review by ''Roadbikerider''

Our top Picks

  1. P-09 Cycling Helmet P-09 Cycling Helmet
    Regular Price US$219.99 Special Price US$175.99
    P-09 Cycling Helmet
  2. Vitesse Cycling Helmet Vitesse Cycling Helmet
    Vitesse Cycling Helmet
  3. Women's Sally Mips Cycling Helmet Women's Sally Mips Cycling Helmet
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    Women's Sally Mips Cycling Helmet
  4. Women's Sharp Cycling Helmet Women's Sharp Cycling Helmet
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    Women's Sharp Cycling Helmet
  5. Women's Sally Cycling Helmet Women's Sally Cycling Helmet
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    Women's Sally Cycling Helmet
  6. W's Voice Helmet W's Voice Helmet
    Regular Price US$94.99 Special Price US$47.49
    W's Voice Helmet
  7. Women's Amber Cycling Helmet
    This product is out of stock
  8. Women's Tiffany Cycling Helmet Women's Tiffany Cycling Helmet
    Regular Price US$39.99 Special Price US$19.99
    Women's Tiffany Cycling Helmet
  9. Spiderlock® Pro Mtb
    This product is out of stock
  10. Spiderlock® Pro Road Spiderlock® Pro Road
    Spiderlock® Pro Road
  11. Spiderlock® Pro II Spiderlock® Pro II
    Spiderlock® Pro II
    This product is out of stock
  12. Spiderlock® Pro Tt Spiderlock® Pro Tt
  13. Spiderlock Sl2 Spiderlock Sl2
    Spiderlock Sl2
    This product is out of stock
  14. Spider 4d Spider 4d
    Regular Price US$24.99 Special Price US$12.49
    Spider 4d