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On December 22, 2017 our friend and fellow cyclist Jason Lowndes was killed by a car while training close to his home in Australia. He was 23 years old and was killed by a distracted driver who had been texting.

In honor of his and so many others’ lives that have ended early due to distracted driving, we are kicking off the International“Don’t Text and Drive”. day on December 22. Learn more on our blog post.

SIGN OR RENEW YOUR PLEDGE TO STOP USING YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING. Whether this is your first time signing a pledge or you’re taking this time to renew a previous pledge, we applaud you. Be a leader. Inspire others to get off their phones while driving as well.


Purchase the “Don’t Text Don’t Drive” wristband for $5 and have a constant reminder to leave the phone alone.

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